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Use Rel=Canonical to solve Duplicate Content issues

Monday, December 8, 2014

Google, MSN, Yahoo jointly support CANONICAL tag on February 2009, used to avoid duplicate content issues. Sometimes several URLs can pointing the same page that affects whole website in ranking. Here are typical variation of Homepage URL: By using Canonical tag, you can specify your preferred version among various URL. Then Link juice focused on single version of URL, simultaneously increase the website ranking. A Path should be placed in Header and looks like: <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> Some of them in confused state “When to use 301 over rel=canonical tag?” Simple, for permanent redirection use 301, to avoid multiple versions of pages in a website use canonical tag. For more Details visit: SEO-Canonicalization

Get found in Google using Inbound Links / Backlinks

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Website ranking mainly based on number of quality Inbound links / Backlinks that sites having. Backlinks are named as incoming link or inbound links or inline links. Building Inbound links are not so easy. Several process will be using for link building. • Link building through Bookmarking sites • Link building through Directory sites • Link building through Social media marketing • Link building through Forum sites • Link building through Web2.0 sites These process will increase website page rank(PR) and website traffic. But be heedful of sites you are submitting, some are spammed sites or sites with no page rank. Paid links, spammed content links, unnatural link exchanges, footer links are get penalized from Google. Avoid these techniques for getting better ranking in Google. If you want to include a link without getting SEO benefits, feel free to use a rel=”nofollow” attribute. But consumers can still engage with…
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Be aware of Black Hat in SEO

Friday, December 5, 2014

Whether they running a small or large business all are used to do SEO for their website to get top ranking in search engines. There is two SEO methodologies, one is WHITE HAT TECHNIQUE and another one is BLACK HAT TECHNIQUE. To get a immediate results, most of them prefer Black hat techniques.What is Black Hat? Is that right way to get ranking? No, Site having hidden content, unrelated keywords stuffing, looking different for users and search engine(cloaking), redirect users to another page without their knowledge(doorway pages) are immediately banned by search engine. Finally affect the whole resources. Quick financial return for the website is a good thing but the site get thrown away. Avoid these type of techniques. Google penalizes sites which are violating the Webmaster Guidelines. But White Hat, ever-lasting techniques follows search engines’ rules and regulations (Google Algorithm) to get sustainable websites and business. Even though it…
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Ranking Factors SEOs and Website Builders Cannot Afford to Ignore

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ranking well in search engine results pages is not a matter of luck. If you do not know which factors are significantly affect a page’s rank, then you can bet that your site won’t make it to the first page any time soon. If you’re new to SEO or just want to have an overview of the most important SEO factors so that you’ll have a better understanding of what your SEO team is doing for you, then our short list essential factors is a good way for you to learn the critical stuff without getting overloaded with information. Note that the list was compiled from the 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors, which used correlation data and survey results to present its findings

Why Google+ Lords it Over Facebook and Twitter in the SEO Sphere

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let’s face it, with Google+ being the Google’s own social arm, Facebook and Twitter are obviously at a disadvantage when it comes to how well their profiles and posts/updates/tweets place in search rankings. If you figure that it’s all about Google’s bias for its own service though, then think again because the high correlation between Google +1s and search rankings are actually not due to some magical points added to all posts on Google+ but the way the Google+ team chose to structure posts so as to make the impact in SEO terms. Of course, we all agree that their inside knowledge on the inner-workings of the search engine algorithm as well as the company’s direction gives them an unfair advantage over Facebook and Twitter. So you can say that, in a nutshell, it is why they’re lording it over the other social sites, or is it? Looking at the…
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Custom Search Engines for Better Navigation

Monday, December 1, 2014

Providing different ways to access content on your website to users who are already on the site is a very important aspect of good website design. This means having a logical and clean information structure/architecture so that users can navigate easily from one page to the next in search of the information they need. While excellent site architecture is key to navigability, putting in a customized search engine (CSE) on your site is another option you should give to your users. Customized search engines are very important since most users prefer it over having to click from link to link in search of just the right page containing their desired information. You can easily create customized search engines using Google’s Custom Search and have it search only one site, several sites, or even just specific webpages. You can also customize the look of the search bar to make sure that…
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